A moment in time. In the simplest of terms, this can describe just about any photograph. Often encompasing merely a fraction of a second, these moments are forever frozen, leaving lasting images. Images that can evoke any number of feelings, from inspiration and joy, to grief and anger. The photograph allows us to preserve these moments, to later share with others things that can often not be otherwise conveyed through verbal or written description. How often have we retold to others of our travels or experiences, only to end with; “you really had to have been there”?

I didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel. My undertaking here is far more simple; to share the moments in time that I’ve experienced and captured. While the places may not change much over the course of the years, time, much like the conditions that combine to create any given moment, is fleeting. These conditions often provide wonderful things to behold, as in the image above, where a shaft of sunlight pierced through the clouds and swept across the ocean below like a searchlight as the clouds passed overhead. If I can inspire, through photography, as I’ve been inspired by others, then I will have succeeded in my ambitions. I hope you enjoy the images that are displayed on the pages of this site.