“Veiled Presidents” – The Northern Peaks of New Hampshire’s Presidential Range veiled by fog rolling over Cherry Pond at the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge. From left to right, the five prominent peaks are Mt. Madison, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Monroe.

“Misty Waves” – Aided by the use of an ND 1.4 coupled with a circular polarizing filter, which provided about 6 stops of total light reduction, I was able to leave my shutter open for 1 minute to transform the waves at Odiorne Point into a blanket of fog.

“Vestiges of the Fall” – Late holdouts of the 2011 foliage season, these mighty trees helped add to the distinctive scenery of historical Strawbery Banke in downtown Portsmouth, NH. I was pleasantly surprised to see color here, as elsewhere the leaves had already turned to rust and left branches bare.

“Harbor Sentinel” – Originally built in 1771, the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse has seen several structural changes throughout history. Standing aside Fort Constitution in New Castle, NH, the tower remains one of several beacons keeping vigil over Portsmouth Harbor.